Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Baby girls high heeled shoes?????

Recently Princess and I went shoe shopping.  We were looking for a pair of nice of shoes for winter wear.  You know the sort, black, flat with a strap across the front.  Just a normal pair.  We went to a local big shoe shop. i cant name them but lets just say they are in Great Yarmouth and have recently opened!!!!

So.......  Princess and I went shoe hunting.  We went to the section for her size and found one pair of the previous mentioned shoes.  but lots of pairs of these!

Now..... maybe i will be seen as old fashioned here BUT I don't care!  I for one do not want my five year old clomping around in these!  She is a little girl and as such she should dress as one!  never mind the damage to her back and feet, what about the impression that it gives her! One that she should be dressed up like a lady or young Lolita?  I totally disagree with the idea that our precious daughters should dress up in this way and I for one definitely will not be buying such items for her!

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