Friday, 26 November 2010


Today we woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow here!  we don't get much snow here in the UK and definitely not as early on in the season as this.  My hopes for a white Christmas have been raised!

There  is something truly magical about the thought of a white Christmas.  I do so hope we can have one.  Speaking of Christmas, I'm halfway through making two presents at the moment.  I decided to make Mother a pair of socks and wrist warmers for Christmas.  I have made her woolly warm socks before and she really like them.  she lives out in the country and her house can get pretty cold at times.  she even wears them to bed! Anyway instead of the usual patten (using two pins) I decided to use a different pattern using four pins. I Have only used the four pin technique once before for a really simple square shaped bag in chunky wool.  Well using this technique for socks didn't turn out to be such a good idea!  i have really struggled and have unravelled my work four times!   But finally I have managed to FINISH ONE!
  I cant post a picture just yet as Mother reads this blog but I just hope she appreciates all the hard work Ive put in!

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Betty said...

that was brave, 4 pins - I can't knit much at all only scarves! thanks for visiting my blog - I think we will be in for a white Christmas - this is just the beginning... Betty x


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