Monday, 27 December 2010

And so its over!

Yummy Christmas day breakfast.

It went as quickly as it came!  our Christmas was very subdued this year as five of the six people living here have managed to catch the winter flu virus!  Christmas day was spent at my younger brothers house with his family and another of my younger brothers family.  They both have young children so its great to be around them all at this time of year.  My brother and his wife made us a beautiful dinner and we were totally spoilt so a big thanks to them!

my family

My children

My poor DH sat in the corner in his PJ's and dressing gown.  Bless him he was too poorly to even get dressed and is still in bed now!

As for Christmas pressies?  Well i was totally stunned!  I had vouchers off No 1 son and his girlfriend (to put towards a new food mixer i have been longing for.  A beautiful cake stand and pasta bowls from DH, perfume off No 3 son and chocolate from princess and no 2 son and girlfriend!  I was really blessed.
One of my favourite presents was from my mother.  she knitted me a mini stocking filled with smellies
thanks mum! its very rare I get a handmade gift so I was very pleased to receive this.

I also got to give mother the lap rug i had made for her.  i crochet red and black stripes, lined with a black fleece and added pockets.  The pockets are to hold her remote control glasses and choccies when she is watching TV.  She lives right out in the country and it gets cold in the evenings so I'm hoping that it will help keep her warm and cosy!
Our dog so wants to snuggle underneath!
with sweeties in the pocket!
The last picture is of a very happy princess with her gift from her Grandma and Grandad.  She loves soft toys and REALLY loves soft snuggly ones like this! His name is chunky.   In fact this has been a regular addition to our bed since Christmas day!  As we co-sleep this is getting a squash! But he is very soft and snug!

I hope you all had a wonderful christmas and I look forward to crafting with you in 2011!


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

What a lovely family you have AND a dog too!!!! You are definitely blessed xxx

Sewn With Grace said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I hope your husband is feeling better. So looking forward to sewing with you for next Christmas! Blessings!


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