Wednesday, 1 December 2010

crafting in the snow!

Well as the weather has been so cold I decided to hibernate and work on some crafts!
Ive been pretty busy!
Frstly I made some needle cases

Then I finished a wall hanging that I've been working on for what seems likes months! This is a gift from my family to our church.  They have been very supportive to us and I wanted to show how grateful we are.

I also had time to make a cat patchwork cushion and  a glasses case

and finally I made a heart mobile.  I love mobiles and had some left over material so I thought why not!

Tomorrow I intend to make some tree decorations.  we are hoping to put the tree up this weekend and decorate the house so some I shall keep to use and The others will be up for sale.  CHRISTMAS!!!!! only 24 days away!

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Plain and Joyful Living said...

Everything looks great - I like the needle books especially.


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