Friday, 3 December 2010

its finally finished! (and tree decorations!)

About a year ago I started to make a patch work quilt.  This is the first time I have attempted to create something as big as this but I really wanted one!  Now after twelve months work on and off I have finally completed this project!  Its not a moment too soon with all this snowy weather. perfect for snuggling under with The Princess! (although Last night Mr and our doggie  poppy were tucked up under it!)

I also made a couple of cushions to go with it,

As promised yesterday here are the tree decorations I've been busy working on too! 

Some will be given as presents and the other are for our tree.  All in all I'm feeling very pleased with my self and christmassy!


Betty said...

What sweet things you have made. Thanks for visiting me. I will do the swap again but I have found that there are loads more out there and wish I had joined in a few others too now. You look very young to have such big children!

crafting uk mum said...

thank you betty, you have made my day! I was saying to my husband this morning how i thought i was looking old!


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