Friday, 31 December 2010

Last post of the year 2010

So its the last post of the year, I'm sat at home just my doggie and I to see in the new year.  After caring for the family for the Christmas period and nursing them all through the flu virus they have all had one after the other since Christmas Eve, eve.  I caught it myself!  S they have all gone off partying and poppy and I are curled up with a Irish coffee and a book I treated my self to with a little Christmas gift I received

its a really good book and the price is great!  if you buy from you don't pay postage which is great!  this book only cost me £2.49 brand new!  its great for a beginner and has plenty of patterns to work through.

I also bought this book  home made gifts

Again a simple book with some great ideas.
I have 30 nieces and nephews and have decided to hand make all of them something for their birthdays next year.  Its a big challenge  but I'm determined to do as many as possible. Its part of my bow out to the consumerist society that we live in.  I reached this decision while shopping in our local Tescos on December 26th and there were Easter eggs and Valentine gifts on sale!  Madness!  What was even worse was that people were buying them!  There was one lady who must have had at least 10 Easter eggs in her basket! I refuse! to bow to the pressure of " buying" and "having to have" any longer

Part of my new beginners this year is to make a simpler life, a Handmade, homemade life.  Getting involved with a Eco- friendly lifestyle that up until now i have been half heartily attempting.  Do8ing my bit to make the world a safer cleaner environment.  One of my projects is to reuse bags.  To refuse plastic bags at the counter and make sure I'm always carrying a reusable bag so it cuts down on pollution.
Wow now i read that back it all seems so much but it isn't really.  little changes in my life to help everyone.  Its not much of a sacrifice is it?

Have a great new year what ever your plans
have fun
Hales xx

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