Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Hospital appointments and all that jazz!

Hello everyone and I hope you are keeping well x
Today we had a hospital appointment at our hospital.  Our youngest has a slight turn in her eyes which needs attention so after waiting for five months for a appointment we were finally seen.  The clinic was running being which meant we were waiting for four hours.  (how I wish I had taken my knitting!)  Not that I'm complaining about that.  They are busy and do a great job so a little wait has become something we all expect.  What my gripe is, is that while we sat there I overheard a conversation between a Doctor and receptionist saying that twelve people had either cancelled or DNA (did not attend) for that morning session.  Now I know that emergency's crop up and life doesn't always go to plan BUT Twelve!  I urge people to think very carefully before they cancel a appointment on the day its for.  Waiting lists are so long that this would surely shorten them if the appointment could be offered to someone else?   We have a Nation Health Service which is free unlike many other parts of the world. Its struggling as it is .  Why not give them a helping hand?
Any hoo...........   That's my thought of the day!


Kandi said...

That is a real pain, you would think that with that many cancellations your would have been seen quicker if anything? Hope it goes well and she gets sorted though!
Kandi x

crafting uk mum said...

thank you. She will be fine im sure. Yes we couldnt understand the delay but hey ho!
I was just so frustrated yesterday at waiting so long for the appointment and then the ammount of people that had concelled theirs!


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