Monday, 24 January 2011

Challenge 2011 Week 3

Oh dear......................

Its only the third week into the challenge and I'm behind!  Although I have been into hospital for some tests so I guess just this time I am excused!
We recently bought  a 1940s child's chair from ebay. We paid the bargain price of £4.99!  I was so pleased with it.  Although it was rather battered I see a great future ahead of it.  Not only for Princess but for our subsequent Grandchildren and (God willing)  Great-Grandchildren.
It desperately needed recovering but finances being a little tight at the moment we couldn't afford it. BUT.... Then I was looking through my fabric stash and I found some fabric I had bought on a whim about two years ago.  It was perfect so i just had to use it.  the chair is now suitable to be on public display and has pride of place in our lounge! Perfect!
Here are some before and after photographs!

And then after a couple of hours, a staple gun and a bit of Patience!.........................

We just love it.  Its a temporary covering until we win the lottery and it can be covered by a professional with Cath Kidston fabric.  Ohhh sounds lovely doesn't it?

Talking of Cath Kidston......
I recently entered a giveaway on one of the blogs that I follow  kandipandi pop along there and take a look at her makes.  This is what I won.

I was so excited to win and receive this!  It has some beautiful things in it.  I cant wait to try out some of the ideas!   kandipandi was so generous to give this away and it was so great to get the email to say I had won, on the day I had been to hospital for tests and felt pretty rough!  Thank you again my lovely xxx
She has just made the Union Jack cushion from the book and its absolutely fabulous.


Nana Go-Go said...

You`re far too young to be a Grandma!!lol
Got your lovely cupcake mat this morning and it`s very special. I`m going to use it to put Grandaughter`s plate on when she comes on Wednesdays - might keep it in one place!The choc will be put to good use too! Thank you so much. x

Beatnix said...

Oooh I am so jealous - I had a look through that book in Waterstones last week and I so want a copy. I want the floral union jack cushion :o)

I've been busy crafting away (well, knitting actually) but I'm waiting on the other half to upload the pics to the computer so I can show off my weekly wonders.


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