Friday, 7 January 2011

week 2 challenge 52 2011

Hello again and welcome to my new blog readers as well as those who have been reading for while.
We are starting to feel better her at crafty mum towers but have been left with a shocking cough.  Still after reading the news with all of the cases of swine flu about we are thankful that we are all recovering well.

This week I have been busy making a few items.  
mug rug
Firstly I made a mug rug (fancy name for a coaster)  for one of the lovely ladies whom i am doing a birthday swap with.  I made it using a old pair of jeans and corduroy trousers of my daughters.  there is even a special pouch for biscuits!

Then I made some hair accessories to put in my handmade gift box/pile

These were made using some felt remnants from Christmas decorations.
A little beaded purse/ handbag.  Again for the gift pile.  This was made using the leg from a old pair of Princesses jeans.  I'm doing well sticking to the recycling theme so far this year!

Then finally Mr bought me a beautiful cup cake stand for Christmas.  It has pride of place on my new dresser (pictures to follow)  I felt like it needed a mat or runner to sit on so Ive made a little cup cake runner/mat for it to sit on.  Oh course this also had to be cup caked themed!
not a very good picture but you kind of get the idea!

So all in all have had quite a productive week.  How about you?  feel free to post your links for your crafts in the comment box below.
Bye for now 


Marita said...

thanks for the visit in my blog. have a good day!

Kandi said...

Hi, You just won my giveaway ~ congratulations. I have sent you an email.
Kandi x

Denise said...

I think I would like to join in on some of your fun.I'm a new follower.Come on over and "meet" me.

Jena said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving a comment (I LOVE comments). You are very creative.


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