Sunday, 20 February 2011

Challenge 52 week 6

So this week has not really gone to plan.  I didn't post my Valentines swap in time so felt terribly guilty when it didn't arrive at my swappers in time for valentines. (although she was very understanding, thanks Jenna x)
 Mr CM had a stay in hospital due to his recurring Kidney stones OUCHIE!  and I  have been feeling quite down lately.  I think its a mixture of My medication being changed and the middle son leaving home. 
I had planned to go to church today as I desperately need some christian friendship at the moment but with Mr CM being poorly that didn't work out.  This is our church
Then again on the positive side I have made a couple new online crafty friends, did a little crafting, half term has started and I treated my self to some union jack fabric which i have cushion making plans for!  Pink for my chair and traditional for Mr CMs.  
So here's this weeks makes.
This is a canvas that I've covered with African print fabric and beads.  I love the big bold colours that come out in the African prints.  I haven't found a home for this yet but its likely it will reside in our stairway!
I have also made a matching picture frame using the same technique and fabric,  I cant show it here as its a present for someone! Once the person has received it i will add some pictures
I also covered some notebooks to give as presents.I got this idea of using vintage pictures off another  blog but cant remember who's!  If its you please get in touch so I can add a link to your work!

I'm also working on the Blanket that was in Lets Knit February edition.
I cant find a link for the pattern but its in here! 
Its taking ages but I guess that's to be expected when I only really knit for a hour or so in the evening if I have time.  It is for our new Grandbaby due in May so it should be finished by then!  Im doing it in pastal colours as we are not 100% sure on the gender but have been told 75% it will be a girl!  Still better to be safe than sorry!
Well bye bye for now
Until next time Happy crafting

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