Sunday, 13 February 2011

Challenge 52 week five and Charity shop finds!

We had a family birthday again this week.  It was my nieces birthday and she was four.  I made her a bag and put some necklaces and children's rings inside.  She loved it and said she will use it for school!  The bag is made out of calico, very similar to the bags for life in the supermarkets.  I decorated it with a hexagon patch I had left over from a project I'm working on.

One of my favourite things to do when I have a free afternoon (which doesn't happen very often!)  is to go and look around the Charity shops.  it is amazing the things I find there!  This wee Mr CM and I went Charity shop shopping or as we call it OP-shopping!
We had a lovely time browsing a local high street and had lunch out together alone!  That happens so rarely I can not remember the last time we did it!
Any way......  here are some of our finds

A small wicker basket for the bathroom.  Our bathroom is very small so this is the perfect size for there

A trifle bowl and kilner jar.  Now there are only four of us at home I needed a smaller bowl for making deserts.  This one fits the bills perfectly!  It needed a good clean but after a run through the dishwasher it was sparkling like new!

A porcelain dolly and chair for Princess

Two beautifully patterned sheets perfect fabric for patchwork!
 All this and I spent the grand total of £6.50!  How cool is that!
While we were out Mr CM treated me to this!
 Ive been looking for something like this since seeing one similar on Kirsties Homemade Homes.  It has been put right at the top of my stairs so you see it as soon as you enter the house!  I love it!

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