Monday, 28 February 2011

Half term week Vintage finds, birthday cake and makes!

Hello everyone
A special hello to my new readers who have come on board in the last couple of weeks.  Its been half term week here.  We have had a pretty relaxed week really.
Mr CM was recovering from his Kidney stone flare up so we spent a lot of time at home.  On Wednesday we went shopping in Lowestoft town.  We took a trip to The High Street and visited the antique and charity shops.  Princess bought a cameo brooch from A antique shop for £2.00 and was very pleased with her find.  I visited the Salvation Army Shop and bought a lovely storage box with handles which after a clean up was perfect as a sewing box to hold all my lovely WIPs of patchwork.
I also picked up two sets of six arm chair covers one with a lace border and one with a beautiful flower design on them.  Mr CM isn't happy about having them on the armchairs  so I will use them in another project.

Beautiful armchair covers/caplets

This doily looks as is it was hand crocheted.  it is beautiful with a blue tipped edge. 

A sheet and pillow case set.  From the 1970s?

another set of armchair covers

A beautifully embroidered table cloth

I got two of these fabric runners.  I'm not totally sure what to do with them yet but i loved the contrast of the browns and lace

At the weekend we visited Mr CMs parents.  We took along our Nephew so Princess would have someone to keep her company.   It was my Mother-in-laws Birthday on Sunday so we had a little tea party for Grandma.  Chocolate cake all round!  We had a lovely time and as usual Grandma spoilt us all!
Princess and Grandma

Birthday cake

Earlier in the week I spent the afternoon with my daughter in law sewing and making bump bands.  She is seven months pregnant and wants to keep the bump covered so we made the bands to go under her usual t-shirts so her tummy doesn't poke  out and get cold.  In the summer I saw it seemed to be the fashion for pregnant ladies to wear little tops and have their tummy's poking out on display.  Now don't get me wrong  I think that a pregnant woman is a beautiful thing to behold and I love to see "blooming" ladies but please cover up!  Anyway I will post some photos of the bum bands soon.

Thank for reading and see you all soon
Hales x


VintageVicki said...

Some great finds there. The sheet/pillowcase is definately 70's - I am sure I had one the same on my bed!! Went well with the orange quilt!!

crafting uk mum said...

Lol orange quilts! I remember them well! That and the itchy blankets!
i cant decide what to do with it. It will remain in my stash until decide weather to craft it or use it as bedding!


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