Sunday, 13 February 2011

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines!
Mr C-M and I have planned a night of DVDs and cuddles for tonight!  No 3 son is taking care of the Princess so we can watch our films in peace and quiet!  Valentines Day is a funny day isn't it?  Its the day when we show our love and appreciation for our loved one.  The thing is I hope that I do that everyday and even if I don't tell Mr C-M how much I love him everyday , that I show it in  many different ways, everyday.  There are many different ways to show love.   So Mr C-M if you are reading this I love you! LOTS!

So enough of the mush!
I am blessed this year to be taking part in the Bloggy Love swap hosted here
I was paired with the lovely Jenna and in the post i received this lovely package!
Lovely packages!
lovely goodies all for Moi!

Thank you Jenna so much!  I hope you enjoy your gifts too xxx


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Happy Valentines Day to My Lovely Bloggy Sweetheart! Love Annie ♥*:•.♥

Kandi said...

Ohh lovely bits, I must buy myself some heart cookie cutters.
Kandi x


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