Monday, 7 February 2011

Its February already! (challenge 52 week five)

I can hardly believe that its February already!
this week Son No.2 has finally removed all his things from the house.  So hes officially moved out.  Its sad in one way but in another I'm proud that they are making their own lives now.

I also feel I have to make a complaint about Asda Ice cream.  The one below has been on sale at our local Asda for the royal sum of £1.00. Far, far too cheap!  Being this cheap allowed me to add Two pots to my trolley this week.  It tricks you into thinking its a normal Chocolate ice cream.  but once you open it up....... Its got you!  It makes you believe that you just have to eat it with a spoon straight from the carton, to save on washing up a bowl, and before you know it, while watching Lark rise to Candleford you have eaten the whole pot!    Even worse.....   It comes in about five delicious flavours!  Naughty me and shame on the diet!
Naughty Ice cream!

So now to crafting!
Ive been busy making patchwork bags.  I have decided this year to boycott wrapping paper and plastic shopping bags and so Ive been making smaller ones for gift giving and larger ones for shopping.  Here's a couple of the ones Ive made
These are the perfect size to pop little gifts in

Little needle/pin  case filled with some crystal pins

I also made a little needle case to put into a Birthday gift swop I am sending out this week.

Well I hope you are all having a wonderful week and I look forward to reading all your lovely blogs this week
hales xx

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