Thursday, 10 February 2011

Just for the record! I love vintage teacups!

I love vintage teacups!!

Its no secret I love Vintage Teacups and Saucers or even Tea Sets.  I also like to drink my tea out of one,  Much to the amusement of my Family and Friends.  I think there is nothing better than drinking a good quality tea out of a china cup.

My collection is growing and I get some lovely finds in the charity shops.  Recently I bought a Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee plate and cup from a local charity  shop for £5.00.  What a bargain!  I was so pleased.  I find now when we go to jumble sales and carboot sales I am trawling them for crockery.  Retro, Vintage or just plain pretty.
Its so ladylike to use a cup and  saucer, (if a little Mrs Bucket!)
I once heard a quote, "if you want a man to treat you like a lady then act like one"
So intend to and any lady who comes to my home will be offered a cup and saucer to drink their tea from.  I do it and I intend to teach my Daughter and Grand-daughters to do the same.

(These aren't my pictures I found them on Google.  I will add some of my collection later in the week)


FourSistersInACottage said...

Makes me want to stop by and have a cup of tea with you!!!
Hugs, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

Beatnix said...

Oooh me too! I asked my other half to buy me the vintage style teacup, saucer and teaplate set from M&S at Christmas and he bought me their one cup teapot, cup and saucer - I was gutted!!! Tea doesn't taste the same in a mug - and every woman deserves to have a little moment of poshness every day :o) xxx


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