Wednesday, 2 February 2011

More poppiness!

I love taking pictures of our little Poppy-dog!
She is a cross between a Yorkshire terrier and Chihuahua parents that both belong to my sister. Born in February 2010,  She was somewhat of a surprise having been conceived within a hour of her mother arriving at my sisters house!  Definitely not planned!  She was the only surviving puppy from five siblings and originally went to live with my Mother.  Unfortunately Mothers dog didn't get on with her and attacked her quite badly so she came to live with us to recuperate and we ended up adopting her.  She has lived here since July and settled in with us nicely.  Such a sorry start for her!  Our nineteen year old Yorkshire terrier Jessie-dog took to her like having a baby in the house and they were firm friends.  Unfortunately  Jessie-dog passed away in October and I think Poppy misses her as much as we do. Don't tell her but early in March we have a friend coming to live with us!  Her name is Rosie and she is a Terrier.  We cant wait to add her to our family and I'm sure Rosie and Poppy will become firm friends!
Cosy at bedtime!cosy
Rosie and siblings, Mummy
Rosie aged one week!

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