Monday, 14 March 2011

busy busy busy! and challenge 52 week ten

Its been a busy time here.  It is No 2 sons 18th birthday today.  I cant believe how fast the time has gone!  It seems all my boys are growing up and away in the blink of a eye.   No 2 likes Tarzan and its kind of a family joke so for His birthday I made him two Tarzan and Jane teddies!   He was very happy with them.
Teddy Tarzan and Jane!

I also managed to find the time to make Princess a couple of skirts
Ive also made my niece one of these for her Birthday

I love the different flowers in the fabric

And I finally finished the patchwork quilt for the baby expected in May.  
The quilt has a double lining of wadding in so will be super cosy in the winter

So although Ive been busy I have plenty to show for it! 

Its now the start of the car boot seasons. we went to two this week and I managed to get some lovely patch work fabric for 50p!  Bargain!  I also bought a tea set for my dresser,  Unfortunately Mr CM managed to smash the sugar bowl and one of the cups before we got home!  Oh dear!  I forgive him!  (plus he has promised to get a replacement!)
Princess loves car boot sales and always comes back with a dolly or two.  She soon wont be able to get in to bed for all the dollies! She especially loves little dollies that will fit in her dolls house.  She also collects care bears so there are a fair few of them here as well!
Well until next time. Thanks for reading


Saphy said...

All of your makes look great but especially the quilt. so very nice.

crafting uk mum said...

thank you. you are very kind x


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