Friday, 4 March 2011

Challenge 52 2011 week nine!

Week Nine?   Erm....... I seem to have lost some weeks! Never mind from the list of my makes on my side bar then  I am definitely ahead of my self!
I have been busy knitting away making a blanket for my new Grand baby due in May this year.  I have finally finished.  Thankfully!  it was very repetitive and I don't know why i started it really as I knew it was!  I finished Knitting it at the weekend and sat last night sewing the fleece backing on it.  Its super cosy and I know it will keep babe warm in the pram. Babies  Mummy doesn't drive so she walks quite a lot and this will be  perfect for keeping warm and cosy.  I choose these colours as the ultrasound cant be 100% that she is in fact a she.  So if She is a He then it can still be used!
I finally finished the blanket!

This week i managed to pick up a copy of this magazine.. 
The much searched for magazine!

It has been so hard to get.  Probably due to the fact that everyone I speak to is raving about it.  It has some really good articles in it and unlike many magazines, it covers a multitude of crafts. I have post it notes sticking out of many pages marking projects I would like to try.  I really want to try the cushion covers on the front but as I have never cabled before maybe I am being a little ambitious?  lets just see if I ever have time to create something that needs my undivided attention!  I will give this Magazine a better review  during the week.
  finally a special thanks to Leigh (click for her website)  for helping me to add the signiture for my Blog.  Check out her blog.  She has some fantastic makes on there!
Cheerio for now and thank you for visiting.



VintageVicki said...

That magazine is like the Holy Grail - without Indiana Jones helping with the search - shame.

Gorgeous blanket - thats going to be one snugg baby :)

crafting uk mum said...

it is availible on line. just £1.00 postage as well. that was going to be my next step but i found a copy in Great Yarmouth!
Thanks for the comment on the blanket!


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