Thursday, 24 March 2011


i love beautiful gardens

Hello everyone!
What wonderful weather we are having!  Its lovely to get outside in the sunshine or to drive along with the car windows open.. We are Blessed!
Yesterday we decided it was time to give the garden a MAHOOSIVE clear out.  I am ashamed to say that we have lived in this house for four years now and we still have unpacked boxes in the shed!  So our plan was to empty the shed, sort the boxes and get ready to do a boot sale on Saturday.  However we needed to clear the garden first.  the previous owners of this house left us a lovely present of loads of junk at the bottom of the garden so that was our first job.  Actually that became our only job as it took all day!  Mr CM and Son no 2 took two jam packed loads to the tip (sorry recycling center) and Mrs Son 2 and I did the cosmetic work such as emptying last years pots and bagging junk.  We also sorted through the shed that contains Princess' outdoor toys.  it was amazing how shes grown and I have to say I had a lump in the throat moment when I saw her push along singing toy that she used to drive us crazy with!

Of course this is my pad!  oh well I can dream x
Today however My back and knees tell me I did too much even though there were constant cries of "mum don't try and lift that"  Mum but that down" and Mum make me a drink"!.  When did my Son overtake me and start giving the orders!  Thank the Lord for strong healthy sons!  But the worse thing about doing the garden?  we still haven't finished and Mr CM and Son 2 will be off to the Recycling center again on Friday with the huge pile of wood that we found amongst the other junk!  than we can get to unpacking the sheds!
And then and only then will I beable to Take pictures and post them on here!

Btw the winning bidder for this paid a wopping £3,300.00!  needless to say it was just £3,295.00 too much for my boys to buy me! :0)  Maybe next time!

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