Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant and the Jimmer jammers song

Its the first of march today and so its St Davids day in Wales.  Happy st Davids day to all my Welsh friends and readers!

At the moment this is Princesses favourite song.  she likes to watch it before going to sleep and its a fun song for little ones to remember what to do before bedtime!   The only thing is I cant get the tune out of my head and end up singing it all day!  Well better to be singing that than not be singing at all!
Its a fun bouncy tune and I wish more music aimed at our children was as innocent as this!


Beatnix said...

My kids love this one and I know what you mean about the kids tunes sticking in your brain - I spent a week at work a few years ago humming a tune, everyone recognised it but no0one could remember what "classical" piece it was until I was watching tv one day with my son. Turned out it was the goodbye song from Playhouse Disney with Big Dave and Little Alice :oD

crafting uk mum said...

LoL! glad its not just us then! The songs are really catchy arent they? trouble is even when she leaves the room, theres me still singing along to the tunes! DOH!


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