Sunday, 27 March 2011

Lovely weather!

Haven't we had lovely weather?  (except yesterday)  Its been very warm here.  Warm enough to walk about with just a t-shirt on.  I do like this time of the year.  Warm but not hot.  Everywhere you look there are flowers and blossoms. Beautiful.  We live in a beautiful part of the country but rarely get to enjoy it.  That is something we are determined to change this year.

  Ive been busy sewing this week.  Ive made two union jack cushions which are available to buy priced at £7.00 each

union jack cushion.  made with a cotton front and toweling back.  Stuffed with polystyrene balls. 

Ive also made three other cushions.  made out of lovely soft wool and embellished with crochet flowers. Also priced at £7.00 each

I made some tissue covers perfect for popping in handbags or school bags.  They are Priced at £1.50 and sales from these will go to support the Japanese tsunami appeal. 

I enjoyed a pamper day with my sisters yesterday.  We had lots of fun.  I am  the eldest of ten children.  Six of us are girls so with all those, Mother and then sister-in-laws and Daughters their were quite a few of us.  Lots of  Make up, false nails and chatter!  I took lots of photos but this one is may favourite one
Its a photo of my two youngest sisters applying face masks to each other!  Thanks to Dawnie for hosting the party!
My Hobbit feet nicely decorated!

Well time to sign off.  Have a happy sunny week what ever you are doing!

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hapi-ness said...

Hi There.
I am part of the birthday swap and just need to let you know that unfortunately I have been unable to afford to put any more parcels together for this month due to a string of bad luck on my funds. However I will be getting paid this weekend and shall be sending a belated birthday present to you next week :)


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