Thursday, 31 March 2011

The saga of the knitted cardigan!

Where to start! its nearly mothers day I decided to make my Mother a cardigan. As we haven't much time to go till the special day  (I started it two weeks ago)  I choose a pattern that was chunky knit and simple so that I could get it done in time.   Perfect!   you would think!

So after checking that there was some matching wool left at the wool shop I started knitting with the lovely "oh I like that" balls of wool I had bought some weeks before and not found a project for.  I picked up the other wool from the shop on a shopping trip with Mr CM and brought them home.  I unpacked them and left them on the kitchen worktop ready to put in my knitting pile.  Then SOMEONE!  (who shall evermore be nameless)  Knocked them off the worktop into the washing basket.

The washing was piled on top and I loaded the washing machine the next day.  You have guessed it.  The newly purchased balls of wool ended up in the washing machine! to say it came out tangled is a understatement.  try as i might i couldn't untangle the wool and it was put in the bin. 
I rang the wool shop to see if there was anymore.  I had a half finished cardigan here that had to get finished!  There wasn't AAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH!
So the next day I went to the shop and the lovely lady there had searched her other shop and found me some wool!  Bless her heart!.  So disaster over I got home and started knitting!  I think I must have broken the knitting speed record to get it finished! 

yay go me!
Trouble is I haven't finished it.. And Ive run out of wool.  NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The shop wont have any till next week and then it may not be the same dye lot! I'm so disappointed I could cry.
I bought the right amount of the wool that the pattern required so I don't know what has gone wrong.  So Mother will be getting the usual box of choccie and card and I have sore fingers for nothing!


Saphy said...

oh no!!! I feel for you I really do! I am sure when you have finished it your mother will appreciate it even more!

qwiksave said...

Awww! Did you tell your mother the tale? (I would have! ;-) ) I'm sure she would appreciate that the thought was there and she might even smile at the incident. As Saphy said, you could always give it to her at a later date. x


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