Sunday, 3 April 2011

The spring swap!

We got home yesterday afetr a very exhusting day and waiting for me was my spring swap parcel!
Yay!!!!!!  The swap was hosted by jackie at sew special bears.  My swappee was Wendy from little crafting bird.  And she really spoilt me!  Unfortunately the only downside was that Princess waas here when I was trying to open the parcel so I didnt get to open anything and most of the parcel has been claimed as her own!

Beautifully wrapped.  I love the butterfly wrapping and flower decorations!

Princess pleading to be allowed to "help"


She didnt want to rip the paper as it was "too Pretty"

My lovely presnts!

eyeing up my pressies!
Princess with her plunder!

Thank you again Jackie.  your presents were wonderful!


Sarah said...

Thank you for my birthday pressie :) I loved it xx

Jenevieve said...

Gorgeous swap goodies!
I've not been blogging this past week or so and have just noticed that we are swap partners for Mrs Yappy Dog's thrifty swap! Looking forward to it! :) x

shez said...

what lovely gifts


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