Monday, 30 May 2011

Another new princess!

We have a new a princess!  Our beautiful second Grandaughter was born on wednesday and she is so beautiful!  I was honored to be asked to be present at the birth and it was a amazing experience.  I have seen many babies born (being the eldest of ten siblings!)  but i have to say I have never experienced a birth like that.  The birth was beautiful and mum was so calm and totally in control!  Seeing our precious grandaughter enter the world was a amazing moment. I saw a completely different side to my No. 2 son as he supported and helped DIL 2 through the labour.  There love for each other brought a tear to my eye and im sure they will be a lovely family. 
Mr CM is in love with yet another girl and goes all misty eyed when he holds her!  Well instead of me blathering on I will leave you with some pictures of the happy event!

Very proud Grandma
Cuddles with Grandad
Son 3 proud to be auncle again

Princess with her new neice

Four generations of ladies
Mummys and Daddys Princess
The happy family!


Katherine said...

Congratulations! She's gorgeous and it looks like she's got the whole family in the palm of her sweet little hand. ;o) Best wishes to your family on the addition of the new princess.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Congratulations, what a beautiful baby she is! Don't the mummy and daddy look like a gorgeous couple! You look far to young to be a gran and 2nd time too!

Thank you so much for your lovely comments, it is really appreciated! Love Annie xx


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