Sunday, 22 May 2011


Hello there
I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful sunny weather.  Im not one for extreme heat so this weather is just perfect.  The only downside is that princess stays awake later and so its harder to wake her up!  She is usually such a earlier riser that it usually her waking us up!  Still its half-term next week so she can have some lie ins!  I love half terms and always have since the boys were really small.

We are still waiting for number two grandchild.  She is determind to keep us waitting.  Grandad is so excited and keeps hastleing the Mum-to-be.  He has the car on stand by to take them to the hospital as they dont drive and I think hes a little broody but wont admit it!

Well enough with the gossip!  and on to the crafting!  I thought i would try my hand at tiara making.  Its something ive wanted to do for a while and Mr CM bought me this book to try out.  To be honest the book was hard to follow and not really very helpful, but i found that i could learn as i went along.
Here are some of my atempts which have sold already so iI must be doing something right!  Please excuse the quality of the phots but you get the general idea.

This post has taken me two days to load!  When everyone in blogland was saying how much blogger had been playing up I had no problems!   Now I get it!
Well thanks to you all for  stopping by to read, I am off to catch up with everyone elses blogs as google reader tells me I have 223 new blog posts to read!  time to settle down with a cuppa me thinks!
Bye for now lovelys xx

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