Friday, 10 June 2011

A little of what ive been up to

Hello everyone and welcome to you all, in particular my new readers.

Today is our wedding anniversary.  Much love to my  Mr CM I love you dearly xx

Half term came and went in a flash here and now has me longing for the summer holidays.  Princess is such a joy and I love having her home.   The days whirled by in a series of meeting up with cousins and my siblings and long sunny days.  the weather was wonderful last week and so we enjoyed a few meals out in the garden.

.Well finally i have finished Mothers cardigan which I had started for her for Mothers day.  (you can read the saga  here ) Mother loves it and says its perfect for the winter months.  as she lives right out in the country it sometimes gets quite chilly in the winter so will be great for snuggling up with a cuppa.

I had my second crochet lesson this week.  I have certainly got the hang of it and Joan and Heather at the wool shop have been great teachers.  The first thing I made last month was a poncho for Grandbaby 2.  It was simple to follow the pattern after they had showed me how. I also made one for princess for Christmas

I then made a wrap/shawl for my self for a wedding we are attending in July.  I just wanted something to wrap around my shoulders to keep me warm as the night grew chilly and this is perfect. I will add photos in a later post

In between classes I thought i would have a go at making a crinoline lady type doll for my Mother-in-law.  We had one made for Princess for Christmas last year and she really liked it.  I have made it in the Norwich City FC colours as she is football crazy and they are her team.  I hope she likes it!

At our Crochet class we were given a pattern for a Hobo Bag.  it was a simple pattern and is worked all in one piece.  Very pretty.  I couldn't wait to get it finished and so this morning i sat and finished it. 

Well time to sign off and I hope that you have fun what ever you  are doing this weekend xx

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