Monday, 13 June 2011

More knitting and crochet!

Hello everyone
Wow three blog posts in under seven days! Impressed?  I am!

Well My asthma's has been quite bad this week,  I put it down to the change of weather but really I think its something to do with the steroids I have been taking,  as soon as i finish the course that the Doctor gives me then I have a flare up and find it difficult even to walk about.  But on the plus side I don't have to move about to knit and crochet!  So Mr CM has been looking after me and bringing me unlimited drinks etc while I get cracking with my crafting.  Good job really as Ive had lots to do.  Here's a few of my makes
A wrap for my niece for a wedding

And one for her sister! 

A second Dolly for a special lady

Boy and girl angels for my sister

Girl angel

This is my favourite!

I hopeyou enjoy looking at my makes as much as i enjoy and am inspired by many of the blogs that I follow and read.
Till next time.
Peace and Love x


Saphy said...

I have a confession, When I looked at the thumbnail picture on dashboard. It looked like you had crocheted a pair of pants. When I looked at your blog properly I could see it was a lovely wrap.

your makes are lovely. I just keep smiling. x

crafty-mum said...

thats so funny! It certainly made me giggle!


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