Sunday, 5 June 2011

Things i miss

Things I miss

I miss the hugs we didnt have
the tears and laughter
the bathtimes and bedtimes
the fun and frolics
the explaining every little thing in detail
the never ending questions
the buying of clothes grown out of too fast,
the learning curve i have had with each of the other children,
the birthdays, christmasses, christenings and weddings,
all the things we should have shared.
the walks in the park, the scrapped knees, the freely running tears and the snotty noses
The deep and meaningful conversations and the silly banter
The thunderstorm cuddles and the cold snowy hands
these are things I miss and will never have.
mummy loves you all

(in memory of our angel children Evie, Victoria, Milly, George, Rachel and Anna)


PootleFlump said...

Lovely post. Thanks for sharing it. x

Mary Poppins said...

((((())))) Big hugs I am sending your way, thank you so much for sharing those special words with me and for understanding :0)

Lots of love and blessings,

M xx

Catherine said...

xxx hugs n kisses xxx from another Mumma with angel babies


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