Friday, 16 November 2012

Used presents>? Where do you stand?

Hello everyone
Welcome to my blog!
Its getting nearer and nearer to Christmas and most of us more than ever, are feeling the pinch.
Whilst chatting to DIL 2 we got on to the subject of Secondhand/used items being used as gifts.  I haven't really considered this before.  Instead I have struggled and got in to debt (which takes a year to pay off) to but what ever it was my children have wanted to open on Christmas day.  NO MORE!!!  As part of my drive to save money and spend less I am prepared to give good quality items as presents.

Of course there will be new items as and when i can afford, with the smattering of handmade goodies too!
It doesn't mean I don't care about the person receiving the item. On the contrary.  I wish to give them the best gift I can afford. AFFORD being the word.  I will not get into debt to please other people.  i wont be worrying come January how I'm going to afford to repay.   It is quite acceptable to me and I would gladly and happily accept a present bought from the charity shop.  How do you feel?
bye for now

Saturday, 20 October 2012

My children

Morning lovelies!

Well I'm writing this at 4am.  the house is all quite and I'm able to ponder my thoughts?  Good thing or bad thing?  Not sure!  I have been thinking a lot lately about family.  In particular my family.  My children are very important to me and then through them my Grandchildren.  My three boys and my little Princess.
We still have two living at home and  at 17 and 6 years this can some times be a struggle as we only have two bedrooms and they are different genders.  My other two elder boys both live with their families.  One in the same town and the other the next town along.  I miss the times when they were small and we all lived together.  one of our favourite things to do was snuggle up under the duvets in the lounge and watch a Dvd.  We would "camp out" for the night in there.  I can remember once when we had a house with a open fire, we had toast and marsh mellows made on the fire.  Drunk with mugs of tea the world seemed perfect just then.

There are times that I see them say or do things with their own children and I think "yes that's one of the things we would have done"  and it makes me smile.
I have also acquired two young ladies as daughters.  This has blessed my life in many ways (not least the grandchildren).  They are both lovely ladies who love my boys are care for them in the best way they know how.  The boys seem happy with their lives and settled with their families.
My Grandchildren make me smile everyday.  The girls are close in age but have very different personalities, one very boisterous and forthright, the other a  little more reserved and thoughtful.  My grandson continues to thrive well and is developing a personality of his own.  He recognises us when he sees us and has a lovely beaming smile!
 All my children are fit and healthy and I have a lot to be thankful to God for.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The loss of a baby

I have struggled writing this and I have rewritten it on many occasions  (In fact this has been in my drafts since July 10) but I feel it is something that I must write about. The recent wave of light on Monday night where people who had suffered baby loss or been effected by it, lit a candle and put the picture on face book, has staggered me as to how many people are effected by it.  I cried more than one tear that night.  It touched me deeply when my sister lit one in support of us.  You never know just who is thinking of you and your lost babies.

Losing a baby is a terrible thing.  Whether as a Miscarriage, still birth, difficulties at birth, cot death or the many other ways it can happen.  Its a difficult thing to talk about and people still find it difficult to react and talk to people who have suffered about it.  We have Lost six babies,  so we know the pain and heart break it brings with it.  But when someone close to us lost a child we also found it difficult to talk to the couple involved.  I was really annoyed with myself because I didn't know how to react!

When we meet with people who have lost a child there is no perfect way to react.  No sure fire way to ease their suffering or make things easier for them.  The reality is you cant and it would be pointless  and possibly damaging to try and bandage the situation. After much thought, prayer and consideration these are my thoughts on the matter. 

        1.  Firstly don't pretend it didn't happen 
The couple will be deep in their own grief.  No matter when they have lost their child (early miscarriage or further along)  plans will have been made for He/she.  How they will fit in the family, where they will sleep, will mummy give up work, how will the baby be cared for etc.  Things will have been bought and stored away in preparation for the happy event.  The couple wont want to brush it all under the carpet and forget that the baby was a part of their lives.

2. Don't be afraid to mention it
Many people are afraid to mention it.  They maybe afraid to  make matters worse or to make the couple upset.  Crying is natures way of healing. It helps, that's why when we hurt, we cry.  Its OK to ask how they are feeling, how they are coping.  If they start to cry don't worry,  its not your fault, it was something they needed to do,  part of the healing process and something they need to do.

3.  Don't keep your own children away (although do be thoughtful and make each decision based on the situation)
  A week after we lost our first baby my sister-in-law gave birth to our Nephew.  We had always had a close relationship and saw her and my Brother mostly everyday as we lived in the same street.   When she had their baby she was afraid to come to see us, afraid she would be "rubbing it in"  That she would make our grief worse.  In the end My husband and I had to go and visit them.
We explained that we shared in their joy at their new arrival and rejoiced in the new addition to our family.  That their little boy was not ours.  As beautiful as he was, he was our Nephew and not our child.  We were pleased for them but still grieved for our child.  As I said judge each situation.  If necessary phone and ask before you visit.

4. Don't be surprised if they laugh and smile when you are there
This seems a strange one.  We had a situation where someone visited our house and we were in a "good mood".  (in other words we weren't in floods of tears and managed to hold a conversation) The visitors then later commented to my mother how we were coping and had "got over it well"
This couldn't have been further from the truth.  We were pleased to see the person, pleased to have a excuse to smile and talk about something other than our grief.  But we were still grieving,  inside we trying desperately to hold it together, to make it through the day and still be in one piece.  Just because you smile doesn't mean you have forgotten.

5. If they have other children don't assume the loss will be less

Just because a couple have a child or children already doesn't mean that they will feel the loss any less. We already had four children, Three of mine and one of my husbands, but the loss was as devastating each time as if we had no other children.
  Each child is unique and loved by its parents.  Each child and experience is unique and they will feel the loss no matter how many children they have

6. The biggest no no EVER
The thing that really hurt and we found hard to cope with was people saying things like, "it was meant to be"  Its for the best"  or as one good meaning doctor said,  "you are still young enough to try again!"

 Please remember that these are just my thoughts and feelings and not a professional opinion.  if you are looking for professional help please contact a person trained in this area.  There is a list below.


Sunday, 14 October 2012

Bodget and Scarper Builders!

 Mr CM and Son 3 decided to give Princesses bedroom a make over!   So after a lot of Grunting Groaning, tea breaks and moaning!  It is done!  We have a very happy Princess and a very pink bedroom!

Friday, 12 October 2012

progress on my little Grandson.

Hello everyone just a little update on my grnadson. Born six weeks early in My. He was extremely poorly you may remember. well......... look at him now!

 Hes such a little lovie.  All the worries surrounding his birth have now gone and hes a healthy and happy little Bubba!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

And so im a little late! Jar of love swap!

OK so I should have been back at the beginning of September but I kinda overlapped my summer!.
Because i have so much to post I will break it down into different Posts so I'm not waffling on!

 I had a great summer filled with Family, fun and frolics.  (well not frolics but i couldn't think of another F !)
I spent a lot of time with family.  My own and my big extended family.  Its funny but over the last couple of years i have got to know my siblings in a way I never did before.  now we are all grown with families of our own the dimensions change and we become different people.  If we are not careful and don't make a conscious effort to be together we start to drift in different directions.  I don't want this to happen with us.  One of the plus sides with a big family is that our children have a friend to play with!  This summer we never went more than a couple of days with out having one of the cousins for a sleep over.  With 38 of them there are plenty of them to choose from! We also had four children's birthday parties to send Princesses to so all in all I think she has had a enjoyable if rather busy summer!

I recently took part in the Jar of love swap hosted by katie  I was paired up with helen .  She send me some lovely things, so lovely in fact that Princess ran off with most of them!   Thank you Helen they were great gifts!

 Unfortunately my parcel I sent her was "lost" in the post!  Grrrrrrrr I was so disappointed as I had sent her some beautiful things.  So this is a couple of photos of Jar Number 2!  I Hope she liked my offerings!

Well time to pop off now.  bye bye for now!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Crafty-mum is taking a break until after the summer school holidays to spend more time with my children.  Normal service will resume in September.  Enjoy the Holidays and especially the Olympics!
See you soon!

(this post should have been made public on the 25th July but blogger being blogger well you've guessed it!)

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Through the eyes of a child

Hello again friends Well its always good to have people appreciate your hard work and here are two little ladies who are very pleased with their new Dolly and Teddy Bear

 They are two of my many nieces!  I have lost count of how many I have now.  I guess that's what happens when you are one of ten siblings!  Our family is so big now that it would be impossible to invite them all for lunch at the same time in our tiny house.  They just wouldn't fit.  In fact it is difficult just to fit in our own children with their families.    
Well Princess has just a few days left at school before the holidays.  I'm so glad these holidays have come.  I enjoy the quality time we get to spend as a family when she is at home.  The boys aren't really interested in sitting round drawing and sewing with me but she is still at that nice age where everything is a adventure and things that are mundane to others become exciting when seen with a young child's eye.
I hope as my children grow and have families of their own they will think on their own childhoods with a certain fondness and remember things through their own childlike eyes.
Bye for now

Sunday, 15 July 2012

End of term teacher gifts

Hello friends
Welcome back to crafty-mum.  So far we have had eighteen lovely ladies sign up for the wool swap.  I'm very pleased so many have signed up and very excited to see everyone swaps.

This week Princess breaks up from school  for the summer holidays so this week i have been busy making Teachers gifts.  I have knitted some Cupcakes and Jam tart pin cushions.  I also have made some sweet bags up using the printable gift tags from HERE.  (check out this website as it has some lovely free printables)

I simply filled the bags with a assortment of boiled sweeties from ASDA ans hey-presto a lovely gift.  I like to make handmade gifts for the teachers as having been one myself I know how hard they work and deserve to be pampered.  Princesses teachers have been great this year and have been so accommodating with my hospital stays and appointments.  It really helps when Ive had a bad night and Princess arrives in to school five or ten minutes late and they understand the reason why.  I was most Impressed when we went to see the Olympic flame.  All the children had been given the morning off school on the understanding that they had to arrive back for lessons by 11.30am.  The Headteacher was waiting on the school steps meeting the children as they came in and taking the time to listen to the stories of each child as they came into school.  When you are a child something like that can make all the difference.  So well done Mr Desousa!

This next week will be spent decorating Princesses bedroom.  Well, if I'm honest I will be directing and giving out the orders while Mr CM and My Brother-in-Law do all the work!  I will put out the men at work sign and make cups of tea so I will be helping indirectly!  I have bought the new bedding the new curtains and will be making the bed cushions so I guess that's my contribution complete!

 Please dont forget to sign up for the wool swap.  All the details can be found .HERE
well bye bye for now x

Saturday, 7 July 2012

The olymic torch and my grandson

Hello friends

 To start today I would like to post a recent photo of our Grandson. By the grace of God he is doing very well and is now six weeks old. here he is pictured next to his cousin. Although in age there is not a lot of difference, in size there is plenty!

 He doing so well and the Dr is more than pleased with his progress.  he is a physical example of the power of prayer.  God Bless him.

Thursday the Olympic torch reached the east coast and came to our town.  We didn't think there would be many people there to watch so left it till ten minutes before the scheduled time to go down there.   It was at the bottom of our road so we didn't have far to go.  The local primary schools had been given the morning off to go and watch.  so off we trotted with Son 3 and Princess in tow. We did get quite a shock when we got there the roads were packed!
view up the road

and down the road  it got much busier after this

flag waving is a absolute must!

Princess and No. 3 Son

Princess waiting patiently

The advantage of having a 17year old brother!  You get a good vantage point!
 we manged to find a spot which was a great vantage point and then we were flooded by the older children coming out from the local high  school.    They were all really well behaved and polite. Even standing back so Princess got a good view.

 For the rest of the pictures I will do  mosaic for next time otherwise I will fill the page!

All in all it was a good event,  we were promised a carnival atmosphere and that's exactly what we got.  Princess thoroughly enjoyed it and now proudly shows off her Olympic medal that Daddy bought her while we were waiting.  Her school has been teaching her all about the Olympics so shes all prepared for the games later in the month.  She has decided she wants to be able to do gymnastics like Beth Twiddle!  I think she will be disappointed when she realises shes not in the Olympic team this year.

Well its time to get off now.  Have a fantastic weekend whatever you are doing.  I hope the sun is shining in your life.
Bye for now

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

July already!

Hello friends

 Well already its July. where does the time fly too? It seems like yesterday I was cleaning the house ready for the Christmas break and now we are halfway through the year! 2012 hasn't been great in our family. there has been lots of things going on and without going in to too much detail I am hoping that the latter half of the year turns out to be a far better time for us all.

 Well the weather has once again done about turn and we are basking in some lovely sun here in sunny Suffolk. It extremely hot today and we have all the windows open and a ceiling fan. still its nice to have the sun shining and birds singing through the window. Craft wise I have been fairly busy, I finished knitting a cardigan for my 13yr old Niece No 1. I was quite worried as to weather she would like it. she choose the colour and pretty much gave me carte Blanche on the style to knit. No pressure then! I was relieved when she loved it!
Here is one of my sisters modelling it for me

 It was my other nieces 5th birthday and my sister asked me to make her a dressed dolly and a tinkerbelle doll. The dressed dolly was fine. i have plenty of patterns for them, but the tinkerbelle proved a little more difficult. In the end after searching all known knitting outlets and finding nothing suitable,   My friend lend me a pattern which i kind of adapted and added wings to. Birthday girl was very pleased so between both nieces i got a thumbs up!

Tomorrow see the Olympic torch coming through our town and Princess has been given the morning off to go to watch it.  The majority of schools are closed till 11.30 here to allow for this.  It is travelling virtually past the end of our road and we have been promised somewhat of a carnival atmosphere so I'm really looking forward to seeing it.  so stacked by the door will be Suncream, sunhats, raincoats and umbrellas so we will be prepared for any weather eventuality! 

Well bye for now and enjoy the glorious wether while it lasts!

Saturday, 23 June 2012


Hello recently i bought a bookcase to use for storage. Mainly to use for patterns yarns and other woolly stuff! We had a look at a few and decided on this one Maine tall wide bookcase  
unfortunately I cant get a very good picture from argos website but you can do clickity click on the link!

It was reduced to £29.00 so was a bargain price.  We reserved on line and Mr CM went and picked it up no problem.

Putting it together was simple and Mr had it all done very quickly even though hes not very handy in the DIY department.  The result is that I now have space in the bedroom to walk and I can see the floor!

Its  a very decent piece of furniture and looks so much more expensive than it really is.  
This is just my opinion and I haven't benefited in anyway for this post. 
bye for now xx

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Dog shows and sunshine

Hello everyone
Last Saturday there was a charity dog show in a village not too far from us.  Princess decided she would like to enter our poppy dog in .  So off we went!
Princess and Poppy
When we got there it was total chaos!  It was so badly organised.  Rings everywhere but not directions or information to tell what was happening.  the only time i heard the man on the tannoy was when he was ordering cake from the cake stall!  We manged to find the place to register and entered poppy for the prettiest bitch and dog and owner most alike,  (hence princesses crown)

Unfortunately due to the disorganisation we managed to miss both classes!  But never mind.  it was a charity event for a brilliant cause.  FAITH animal shelter do a great job caring for unwanted animals and I hope they raised lots of much needed funds.
Princess with two of her cousins

As for us?  well we met up with family, ate cake and drank tea!  Perfect day!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

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Cushion love

Hello everyone. Well the football is in full swing isn't it? Cant say I'm that impressed by it all. Especially the fighting and violence. Just one question. Why? Mr CM is totally mesmerised by the footie and I don't think hes missed a match. Still I'm not complaining I get to enjoy crocheting and knitting cosy up in my bedroom chair!

On that note, I have finished my version of the attic 24 bloomimg flower cushion.  You can find all the information and pattern on Lucy's website here
so as Lucy puts here here is my taa dar moment
Blooming thrifty cushion
I'm so pleased with how this has turned out.  Its so pretty and a stash buster too!  I used up lots of oddments I have had hanging about so thrifty too.  In fact I'm calling it my blooming thrifty cushion!

Of course while I had the hook out it was a opportunity to whip up this little cardigan.  Its newborn size and I'm sure it will be useful with the amount of babies born into this family!
well I hope to see you all soon.
bye bye for now!