Thursday, 21 June 2012

Dog shows and sunshine

Hello everyone
Last Saturday there was a charity dog show in a village not too far from us.  Princess decided she would like to enter our poppy dog in .  So off we went!
Princess and Poppy
When we got there it was total chaos!  It was so badly organised.  Rings everywhere but not directions or information to tell what was happening.  the only time i heard the man on the tannoy was when he was ordering cake from the cake stall!  We manged to find the place to register and entered poppy for the prettiest bitch and dog and owner most alike,  (hence princesses crown)

Unfortunately due to the disorganisation we managed to miss both classes!  But never mind.  it was a charity event for a brilliant cause.  FAITH animal shelter do a great job caring for unwanted animals and I hope they raised lots of much needed funds.
Princess with two of her cousins

As for us?  well we met up with family, ate cake and drank tea!  Perfect day!

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crafty cat corner said...

I like the sound of eating cake and drinking tea, just up my alley. lol

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