Saturday, 9 June 2012

Hello hello hello everyone! it seems so long since i was last here. Ive so much to tell that its properly best to break it up into smaller posts.Part of the reason for my absence is...........


this little fella!   Our first grandson.     World please meet Mr Emmett James.  He put in a appearance six weeks early and was really a poorly little man but is doing great now.  I was very blessed to be there when he entered the world. There is nothing like being there when your grandchild is born.  Its such a special moment.  Ive been blessed to be present at two of my grandchildrens births.  The first grandchild was by a emergency c-section or I would have been there at her birth too.

 Emmett is now at home with his family and he is such a sweetheart.  Now we have two princess granddaughters and a prince!  I just love the expression on his little face in this picture! 
While he was in hospital we were looking after his little sister. 
Wow that was a experience.  either my children were angels when they were young or i have a very selective memory of toddlers.  Shes such a cutie but very hard work.  Grandma and Grandad didn't know what had hit them! 
Just look at that angelic face.  The n look at the chaos and devastation behind her! LOL  Joking aside it was lovely to spend some quality time with her. 

Then we have Grandchild No 1.  We don't really spend much time with her so when we do we enjoy ourselves.  Although Mummy complains that although she is dressed like a princess when we get her, by the time she goes home she looks like shes crawled up the tinder path of 10p!  she does get messy at Grandmas!

  She also has a habit of emptying my handbag when ever she gets the chance.  she chats along in her own little language and shows me everything shes taking out of my bag as if to say " whatever do you need that for Grandma?" and here is the evidence!

I love my grandchildren.  They bring such a spark into my life. They make me smile and glad to be a  part of their lives.

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