Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hello Well its mid June and I am deafened by the cries of "can we have the heating on?" Not in this house you can bet your butt on that! I stick to a strict rule where the heating is concerned. On in November and off in March. I do not deviate from that at all. I have two main reasons for that. the first and most obvious one is the cost. I have things i would much rather spend my money on such as Me! The second is global warming. I don't think that I have touched much on this subject before. I am a hippy at heart and the earth and environment are something that concerns me very much.
We have such a beautiful earth that God has created for us to enjoy.  I want the generations of my family to enjoy the open Fields and trees etc as much as I have done.  We cant keep on taking from the earth without any consideration as to the future.  We cant fail to notice the change in the seasons.  The fact we are having milder times when it traditionally should be warm etc.  Global warming makes the seas rise and so land is effected.  the scenes of flooded countries last year were terrible and I thank God that we are spared.
 Something has to give.
 I try to recycle as much as possible to save on landfill.  I pass things on to people rather than dump them in the bin.  That kind of thing can be simple but effective.  As the advert says every little helps.

Well as for me today I am off to crochet the lovely cushion that is on the Attic 24  blog.  Made by the lovely Lucy.  You can find it here.  Check out the rest of her blog its a collection of scrummy crochet goodness!
Bye bye for now

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