Thursday, 19 July 2012

Through the eyes of a child

Hello again friends Well its always good to have people appreciate your hard work and here are two little ladies who are very pleased with their new Dolly and Teddy Bear

 They are two of my many nieces!  I have lost count of how many I have now.  I guess that's what happens when you are one of ten siblings!  Our family is so big now that it would be impossible to invite them all for lunch at the same time in our tiny house.  They just wouldn't fit.  In fact it is difficult just to fit in our own children with their families.    
Well Princess has just a few days left at school before the holidays.  I'm so glad these holidays have come.  I enjoy the quality time we get to spend as a family when she is at home.  The boys aren't really interested in sitting round drawing and sewing with me but she is still at that nice age where everything is a adventure and things that are mundane to others become exciting when seen with a young child's eye.
I hope as my children grow and have families of their own they will think on their own childhoods with a certain fondness and remember things through their own childlike eyes.
Bye for now

Sunday, 15 July 2012

End of term teacher gifts

Hello friends
Welcome back to crafty-mum.  So far we have had eighteen lovely ladies sign up for the wool swap.  I'm very pleased so many have signed up and very excited to see everyone swaps.

This week Princess breaks up from school  for the summer holidays so this week i have been busy making Teachers gifts.  I have knitted some Cupcakes and Jam tart pin cushions.  I also have made some sweet bags up using the printable gift tags from HERE.  (check out this website as it has some lovely free printables)

I simply filled the bags with a assortment of boiled sweeties from ASDA ans hey-presto a lovely gift.  I like to make handmade gifts for the teachers as having been one myself I know how hard they work and deserve to be pampered.  Princesses teachers have been great this year and have been so accommodating with my hospital stays and appointments.  It really helps when Ive had a bad night and Princess arrives in to school five or ten minutes late and they understand the reason why.  I was most Impressed when we went to see the Olympic flame.  All the children had been given the morning off school on the understanding that they had to arrive back for lessons by 11.30am.  The Headteacher was waiting on the school steps meeting the children as they came in and taking the time to listen to the stories of each child as they came into school.  When you are a child something like that can make all the difference.  So well done Mr Desousa!

This next week will be spent decorating Princesses bedroom.  Well, if I'm honest I will be directing and giving out the orders while Mr CM and My Brother-in-Law do all the work!  I will put out the men at work sign and make cups of tea so I will be helping indirectly!  I have bought the new bedding the new curtains and will be making the bed cushions so I guess that's my contribution complete!

 Please dont forget to sign up for the wool swap.  All the details can be found .HERE
well bye bye for now x

Saturday, 7 July 2012

The olymic torch and my grandson

Hello friends

 To start today I would like to post a recent photo of our Grandson. By the grace of God he is doing very well and is now six weeks old. here he is pictured next to his cousin. Although in age there is not a lot of difference, in size there is plenty!

 He doing so well and the Dr is more than pleased with his progress.  he is a physical example of the power of prayer.  God Bless him.

Thursday the Olympic torch reached the east coast and came to our town.  We didn't think there would be many people there to watch so left it till ten minutes before the scheduled time to go down there.   It was at the bottom of our road so we didn't have far to go.  The local primary schools had been given the morning off to go and watch.  so off we trotted with Son 3 and Princess in tow. We did get quite a shock when we got there the roads were packed!
view up the road

and down the road  it got much busier after this

flag waving is a absolute must!

Princess and No. 3 Son

Princess waiting patiently

The advantage of having a 17year old brother!  You get a good vantage point!
 we manged to find a spot which was a great vantage point and then we were flooded by the older children coming out from the local high  school.    They were all really well behaved and polite. Even standing back so Princess got a good view.

 For the rest of the pictures I will do  mosaic for next time otherwise I will fill the page!

All in all it was a good event,  we were promised a carnival atmosphere and that's exactly what we got.  Princess thoroughly enjoyed it and now proudly shows off her Olympic medal that Daddy bought her while we were waiting.  Her school has been teaching her all about the Olympics so shes all prepared for the games later in the month.  She has decided she wants to be able to do gymnastics like Beth Twiddle!  I think she will be disappointed when she realises shes not in the Olympic team this year.

Well its time to get off now.  Have a fantastic weekend whatever you are doing.  I hope the sun is shining in your life.
Bye for now

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

July already!

Hello friends

 Well already its July. where does the time fly too? It seems like yesterday I was cleaning the house ready for the Christmas break and now we are halfway through the year! 2012 hasn't been great in our family. there has been lots of things going on and without going in to too much detail I am hoping that the latter half of the year turns out to be a far better time for us all.

 Well the weather has once again done about turn and we are basking in some lovely sun here in sunny Suffolk. It extremely hot today and we have all the windows open and a ceiling fan. still its nice to have the sun shining and birds singing through the window. Craft wise I have been fairly busy, I finished knitting a cardigan for my 13yr old Niece No 1. I was quite worried as to weather she would like it. she choose the colour and pretty much gave me carte Blanche on the style to knit. No pressure then! I was relieved when she loved it!
Here is one of my sisters modelling it for me

 It was my other nieces 5th birthday and my sister asked me to make her a dressed dolly and a tinkerbelle doll. The dressed dolly was fine. i have plenty of patterns for them, but the tinkerbelle proved a little more difficult. In the end after searching all known knitting outlets and finding nothing suitable,   My friend lend me a pattern which i kind of adapted and added wings to. Birthday girl was very pleased so between both nieces i got a thumbs up!

Tomorrow see the Olympic torch coming through our town and Princess has been given the morning off to go to watch it.  The majority of schools are closed till 11.30 here to allow for this.  It is travelling virtually past the end of our road and we have been promised somewhat of a carnival atmosphere so I'm really looking forward to seeing it.  so stacked by the door will be Suncream, sunhats, raincoats and umbrellas so we will be prepared for any weather eventuality! 

Well bye for now and enjoy the glorious wether while it lasts!