Sunday, 15 July 2012

End of term teacher gifts

Hello friends
Welcome back to crafty-mum.  So far we have had eighteen lovely ladies sign up for the wool swap.  I'm very pleased so many have signed up and very excited to see everyone swaps.

This week Princess breaks up from school  for the summer holidays so this week i have been busy making Teachers gifts.  I have knitted some Cupcakes and Jam tart pin cushions.  I also have made some sweet bags up using the printable gift tags from HERE.  (check out this website as it has some lovely free printables)

I simply filled the bags with a assortment of boiled sweeties from ASDA ans hey-presto a lovely gift.  I like to make handmade gifts for the teachers as having been one myself I know how hard they work and deserve to be pampered.  Princesses teachers have been great this year and have been so accommodating with my hospital stays and appointments.  It really helps when Ive had a bad night and Princess arrives in to school five or ten minutes late and they understand the reason why.  I was most Impressed when we went to see the Olympic flame.  All the children had been given the morning off school on the understanding that they had to arrive back for lessons by 11.30am.  The Headteacher was waiting on the school steps meeting the children as they came in and taking the time to listen to the stories of each child as they came into school.  When you are a child something like that can make all the difference.  So well done Mr Desousa!

This next week will be spent decorating Princesses bedroom.  Well, if I'm honest I will be directing and giving out the orders while Mr CM and My Brother-in-Law do all the work!  I will put out the men at work sign and make cups of tea so I will be helping indirectly!  I have bought the new bedding the new curtains and will be making the bed cushions so I guess that's my contribution complete!

 Please dont forget to sign up for the wool swap.  All the details can be found .HERE
well bye bye for now x

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Crafty Helen said...

Hi - your gifts are lovely, and I'm sure that they will be appreciated. Do you have an e-mail address that I can contact you on, as hoping to send your swap parcel off later this week? x

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