Wednesday, 4 July 2012

July already!

Hello friends

 Well already its July. where does the time fly too? It seems like yesterday I was cleaning the house ready for the Christmas break and now we are halfway through the year! 2012 hasn't been great in our family. there has been lots of things going on and without going in to too much detail I am hoping that the latter half of the year turns out to be a far better time for us all.

 Well the weather has once again done about turn and we are basking in some lovely sun here in sunny Suffolk. It extremely hot today and we have all the windows open and a ceiling fan. still its nice to have the sun shining and birds singing through the window. Craft wise I have been fairly busy, I finished knitting a cardigan for my 13yr old Niece No 1. I was quite worried as to weather she would like it. she choose the colour and pretty much gave me carte Blanche on the style to knit. No pressure then! I was relieved when she loved it!
Here is one of my sisters modelling it for me

 It was my other nieces 5th birthday and my sister asked me to make her a dressed dolly and a tinkerbelle doll. The dressed dolly was fine. i have plenty of patterns for them, but the tinkerbelle proved a little more difficult. In the end after searching all known knitting outlets and finding nothing suitable,   My friend lend me a pattern which i kind of adapted and added wings to. Birthday girl was very pleased so between both nieces i got a thumbs up!

Tomorrow see the Olympic torch coming through our town and Princess has been given the morning off to go to watch it.  The majority of schools are closed till 11.30 here to allow for this.  It is travelling virtually past the end of our road and we have been promised somewhat of a carnival atmosphere so I'm really looking forward to seeing it.  so stacked by the door will be Suncream, sunhats, raincoats and umbrellas so we will be prepared for any weather eventuality! 

Well bye for now and enjoy the glorious wether while it lasts!


Sue said...

You have been busy with your knitting, love the colours on the dressed doll.

crafty-mum said...

thanks sue. i loved making this. purple and red are my favourite colours!

Crafty Helen said...

Hi there. Sorry I've dropped of the radar lately. I have been getting bits and pieces ready for the swap. Do you have an e-mail address so that we can exchange details? XX

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