Saturday, 7 July 2012

The olymic torch and my grandson

Hello friends

 To start today I would like to post a recent photo of our Grandson. By the grace of God he is doing very well and is now six weeks old. here he is pictured next to his cousin. Although in age there is not a lot of difference, in size there is plenty!

 He doing so well and the Dr is more than pleased with his progress.  he is a physical example of the power of prayer.  God Bless him.

Thursday the Olympic torch reached the east coast and came to our town.  We didn't think there would be many people there to watch so left it till ten minutes before the scheduled time to go down there.   It was at the bottom of our road so we didn't have far to go.  The local primary schools had been given the morning off to go and watch.  so off we trotted with Son 3 and Princess in tow. We did get quite a shock when we got there the roads were packed!
view up the road

and down the road  it got much busier after this

flag waving is a absolute must!

Princess and No. 3 Son

Princess waiting patiently

The advantage of having a 17year old brother!  You get a good vantage point!
 we manged to find a spot which was a great vantage point and then we were flooded by the older children coming out from the local high  school.    They were all really well behaved and polite. Even standing back so Princess got a good view.

 For the rest of the pictures I will do  mosaic for next time otherwise I will fill the page!

All in all it was a good event,  we were promised a carnival atmosphere and that's exactly what we got.  Princess thoroughly enjoyed it and now proudly shows off her Olympic medal that Daddy bought her while we were waiting.  Her school has been teaching her all about the Olympics so shes all prepared for the games later in the month.  She has decided she wants to be able to do gymnastics like Beth Twiddle!  I think she will be disappointed when she realises shes not in the Olympic team this year.

Well its time to get off now.  Have a fantastic weekend whatever you are doing.  I hope the sun is shining in your life.
Bye for now

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Hello!! I'm your swap partner in Laa Laa's latest swap! I wanted to say i'm so sorry for not dropping by to introduce myself earlier, i hadn't noticed that the partners had been announced as I haven't been on blogger very often lately due to a combination of a very busy few weeks and dodgy internet connection! But all has calmed down now, I'm looking forward to this swap!! Just wondering how I become a follower to your blog? I couldn't find a "follow" button? Marina x

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