Wednesday, 10 October 2012

And so im a little late! Jar of love swap!

OK so I should have been back at the beginning of September but I kinda overlapped my summer!.
Because i have so much to post I will break it down into different Posts so I'm not waffling on!

 I had a great summer filled with Family, fun and frolics.  (well not frolics but i couldn't think of another F !)
I spent a lot of time with family.  My own and my big extended family.  Its funny but over the last couple of years i have got to know my siblings in a way I never did before.  now we are all grown with families of our own the dimensions change and we become different people.  If we are not careful and don't make a conscious effort to be together we start to drift in different directions.  I don't want this to happen with us.  One of the plus sides with a big family is that our children have a friend to play with!  This summer we never went more than a couple of days with out having one of the cousins for a sleep over.  With 38 of them there are plenty of them to choose from! We also had four children's birthday parties to send Princesses to so all in all I think she has had a enjoyable if rather busy summer!

I recently took part in the Jar of love swap hosted by katie  I was paired up with helen .  She send me some lovely things, so lovely in fact that Princess ran off with most of them!   Thank you Helen they were great gifts!

 Unfortunately my parcel I sent her was "lost" in the post!  Grrrrrrrr I was so disappointed as I had sent her some beautiful things.  So this is a couple of photos of Jar Number 2!  I Hope she liked my offerings!

Well time to pop off now.  bye bye for now!

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