Saturday, 20 October 2012

My children

Morning lovelies!

Well I'm writing this at 4am.  the house is all quite and I'm able to ponder my thoughts?  Good thing or bad thing?  Not sure!  I have been thinking a lot lately about family.  In particular my family.  My children are very important to me and then through them my Grandchildren.  My three boys and my little Princess.
We still have two living at home and  at 17 and 6 years this can some times be a struggle as we only have two bedrooms and they are different genders.  My other two elder boys both live with their families.  One in the same town and the other the next town along.  I miss the times when they were small and we all lived together.  one of our favourite things to do was snuggle up under the duvets in the lounge and watch a Dvd.  We would "camp out" for the night in there.  I can remember once when we had a house with a open fire, we had toast and marsh mellows made on the fire.  Drunk with mugs of tea the world seemed perfect just then.

There are times that I see them say or do things with their own children and I think "yes that's one of the things we would have done"  and it makes me smile.
I have also acquired two young ladies as daughters.  This has blessed my life in many ways (not least the grandchildren).  They are both lovely ladies who love my boys are care for them in the best way they know how.  The boys seem happy with their lives and settled with their families.
My Grandchildren make me smile everyday.  The girls are close in age but have very different personalities, one very boisterous and forthright, the other a  little more reserved and thoughtful.  My grandson continues to thrive well and is developing a personality of his own.  He recognises us when he sees us and has a lovely beaming smile!
 All my children are fit and healthy and I have a lot to be thankful to God for.

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