Friday, 16 November 2012

Used presents>? Where do you stand?

Hello everyone
Welcome to my blog!
Its getting nearer and nearer to Christmas and most of us more than ever, are feeling the pinch.
Whilst chatting to DIL 2 we got on to the subject of Secondhand/used items being used as gifts.  I haven't really considered this before.  Instead I have struggled and got in to debt (which takes a year to pay off) to but what ever it was my children have wanted to open on Christmas day.  NO MORE!!!  As part of my drive to save money and spend less I am prepared to give good quality items as presents.

Of course there will be new items as and when i can afford, with the smattering of handmade goodies too!
It doesn't mean I don't care about the person receiving the item. On the contrary.  I wish to give them the best gift I can afford. AFFORD being the word.  I will not get into debt to please other people.  i wont be worrying come January how I'm going to afford to repay.   It is quite acceptable to me and I would gladly and happily accept a present bought from the charity shop.  How do you feel?
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Tracy said...

I have bought quite a few secondhand presents this year either from charity shops or eBay, one is a big present too.
As long as they are wrapped nicely, who keeps the boxes anyhow, you might never know they were secondhand , certainly not my 4 year old! We actively encourage our older two who are 13 and 14 to buy presents from the charity shops for us, one because they want to use their own money and two it's just supposed to be a small token. It sounds like you and your family will have the best of both worlds this year, a Christmas day with lovely thoughtful gifts and a debt free new year xxx

fostermummy said...

Can you text me your address on 07809223898 so I can post you a little pressy?
Thank you, FrugalMummy xx

Weststar said...

definitely on second hand pressies here :) I keep my eyes open all through the year for things, pottery, games, toys, fabric and bits to make gifts - I let the person's name jump out at me whilst I'm looking and totally trust what is meant for them.... I think this is a beautifully creative way to gift x x

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