Tuesday, 31 December 2013

So its New years eve!

So its new years eve.  Ive not been so good at posting this year so Im making it my new years plan to post here more, for both you readers and myself.  Looking back through the blog I have enjoyed reading about things Ive done or made or just family things.  So Im going to make sure I post more this year.  I hope that you have a happy and blessed new year with all you would want for yourself and more!  
with love

Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Morning world.
How is everyone?  Ive been away longer than I would have liked.  Unavoidable im afraid.  But im back now!

Just been pondering over the last few days on our family.  Not extended family.  I really haven't got time for that!  Just our family.  My Mr, myself, our children and Grandchildren.  How our family has changed.  Our children now range in age from 22 years to 7 years old.  Our older 2 sons have left home and have families of their own.  Son No 3 has one foot in the family home and one out of it.  The only one firmly at home for now is Princess.  Our family has changed so much over the last few years.  We now have 3 beautiful Grandchildren and so we have moved into the Grandparent stage of our lives.  At the same time we are parenting a young child.  She is almost like a only child because of the age difference between her and her brothers. Yet she has the benefits of having three grown men to look up to and grow with and most importantly for her, to have fun with.  What other 7 year old can say she has been around a Motocross track on a bike with her older brother?  Because of the age Gap she will always be the Baby of the family and will always have that certain kind of awe of them.  

As the boys continue to grow and make their ways in the world they have all choosen different paths yet we all remain the same family and still laugh at the same things, get upset at the same things and enjoy the same things.

I guess this is just the ramblings of my mind but it makes sense to me!

Bye for now

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Hello everyone!

well it seems Ihave slept through winter and most of spring!  Sorry for the Long Long LONG absence.  things have been quite manic here just to let you know I am still here and to thank you for the many messages asking where I have been.
. I promise I will be back really soon with a longer post.
bye for now x