Monday, 27 January 2014


Hi Everyone. 
Wow it's really turned cold hasn't it?  I've pulled the extra blankets on the bed to stay super cosy!  I love the wool blankets. The old thick blankets with the satin ribbon trim. There is a name for them but I can't remember it!  In our house we call them granny blankets.

This week has been a jumble of things. We went to old friends for dinner. We had a really good catch up. It's funny with friends like that,  you may not speak to each other for a year but as soon as you meet up its like you we're never apart. 

Some of the ladies at church and I have set up a little craft group. We meet each week and just craft the afternoon away over coffee and biscuits. It's great fun. This week we made candle holders and vases from jam jars. It's such a simple thing to do (wrapping jars with lace and ribbon) but its so very effective. 

These are a few of our efforts. We had so much fun.  Our little group is growing and     We are having more people join so its slowly becoming bigger.  Well time to go. Have a great week whatever you are doing. Keep warm and God bless, goodbye for now. 

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