Friday, 10 January 2014

Week two of 2014

Week two already!  
This week I have been crocheting. I made a lampshade;

Really loved making this. So pleased at the way it has turned out. It will take pride of place in my lounge shelf. 

I also made this little angel.  She is so cute!  I found her on a website. If anyone is interested I can post a link to the pattern. Super easy to make and perfect to whip up as a gift for someone.  I am determined to make at least one Christmas present each month. I intend to give my husband,children  daughters-in-laws and grandchildren a handmade gift each this year so I need to make 10 different gifts.  I also usually make my mother and mother-in-law something so that's more to add to the list!  I think I should get the hooks out and crack on!  
Have a great weekend whatever you are doing!   


simplyvintage said...

I love the lampshade, it is so vibrant and unique. xx

natasha said...

Did u knit or crochet the angel if knit could I get the pattern please lovey thank u xx

crafty-mum said...

thanks for the comments ladies I love the lampsade too! its proudly sat on my shelf! Yes Natasha I did crochet the angel. if you PM me your email i will send you the link xx

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