Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Happy new year to one and all!

Hello blog friends!
It's been so very long since my last post. I feel I've been a very bad blogger and let you down. I hope you can forgive my sloppiness!  In truth this last year has been a trial for me and I've had quite a few health issues as has DH. We are coming out the other side now and things are looking better for us.
Well we are very nearly at a new year. I am not really making any resolutions this year except to say I intend using this space to post about the crafts and life in general in a more regular basis. Sometimes life gets in the way and its hard to find the time but I must. I hope you are enjoying the Christmas holidays in which ever way brings you the most pleasure. For me it's been knitting and crocheting the time away surrounded by friends and family. Oh and chocolate. Far, far too much chocolate!
Well I wish you the most greatest blessings for the year ahead and I hope to reconnect with you all really soon
Bye for now.


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Denise said...

So glad to see Your back and that You're feeling better.I do wish You a wonderful 2015.Thank You so much for stopping by to say hello :) I too have been doing lots of needle work lately. Hugs and blessings Your way-Denise

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