Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Oh yes its ladies night!

Hello again!
 I'm back from the ladies retreat. I had a fantastic time. the view from my bedroom window was lovely. Sometimes  I would just go and lie on the bed and enjoy the view. There were so many different types of birds in the garden.  I love birds but we don't tend to get them in our garden because of the high volume of cats in the area. (except the big butch seagulls)

Again apologies for the ropey photos. I'm still looking for the missing camera.
The days were filled with laughter and song and food. Lots and lots of food!  If it had snowed heavily we could have stayed there for another week with the food we had there! Everyone was so generous with their gifts of food, time and generosity.  I felt truly loved throughout the weekend.  I had a chance to connect to other women in the church who I haven't really spoken to much before.   We had a devotional time together which was brilliantly led by our pastors wife. We wrote down our dreams and aspirations for the coming year and sealed them in a envelope to be opened at the end of the year.  I have written down three different things which I want to happen this year.  I will share it with you at the end of the year. 
I shared a bedroom (and bed) with my good friend.  It was strange sleeping in the same bed as someone who wasn't my husband.  But it didn't stop me from sleeping!
In the evening there was a roaring fire and hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows!  oh and crochet. lots of crochet!
On Saturday afternoon a lot of the women went for a walk in the countryside but for those of us left behind we did some sewing with felt. It was very relaxed and just a time together to chat and craft and drink copious amounts of coffee!
All in all We had a great time!
On the crochet front I have finished the baby cot blanket.  The colours are beautiful and the photo really doesn't do it justice.  Lets just say I'm sorely tempted to keep it for myself as a snuggle blanket!
again apologies for the awful photos!

Well the time has come again for me to go.  Be blessed and keep warm!
Bye for now


Denise said...

Oh boy does that sound luscious.I would have loved being apart of Your group.To be in England on a retreat with other Christian woman-how lovely and what a blessing too.

crafty-mum said...

It certainly was a special time. we plan on doing another one very soon x

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