Saturday, 7 February 2015

Here's February!

Hello again its been a hard week here. Little Princess is ill with tonsillitis and only a mummy hug will do. Mr CM had it around Christmas and hes found it really hard to shake off.  I spent most of yesterday in bed with her snuggling watching dvd's.  I hope she feels better real soon as i hate to see her so poorly.

The days , although cold, have been sunnier and I can see sight of spring rearing its head.  
The sight of the mini daffodils blooming on my window sill means that the warmer weather  will soon be here and I'm thankful for that.

I finished a little baby cardigan and hat this week.  Crafting has been few and far between because of the ill child! The Pattern is free and can be found here.  Its super easy to follow and yet very pretty and effective.  The blog has lots of sizes available and its  free.  (free doesn't always mean good but in this case it does!)  Pop long and take a looky.
again apologies for the awful photograph!
I hope to be back next week with  much fuller post and some tadah! moments of finished projects.
sorry for the shortness of the post, little one is calling!
bye for now


notes from home said...

Lovely knitted baby set, thanks for the website link, there's some gorgeous patterns on there. I hope your little one feels better soon.

crafty-mum said...

thank you very much. shes feeling much bestter but unfortuanly i now have it !

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