Friday, 13 March 2015

Happy birthday Mr CM

Hello again.
 This week saw the annual event of Mr CM's birthday. Birthdays are like that they tend to come round once a year! He is 45 (he wont mind me telling you) We had just a little celebration as we are saving it all up for my 40th birthday in a couple of weeks!  Well that's what I'm banking on!

The weather here has been lovely and we have had sun everyday this week.  Its been lovely seeing the warm spring sunshine streaming in through the windows.  We have even been able to have the windows open some days.  So nice to have the fresh air pouring in after the stuffiness of winter!

I have been crocheting flowers. Fresh bright flowers. I used the  daffodil  pattern from Simply Crochet.  Very easy to follow and a complete the success!  I also made some from my 100 flowers to knit and crochet book.  I love this book and I don't think I will ever manage to make one of everything in it!
I intend to make them in to brooches for friends and family.  Maybe a mothers day present?

I have started a new blanket. Joining in with a crochet along.  Only I have a bit of a problem.  I cant remember which blog I'm following along with!  Doh! Typical me!  I know its make a blanket in March and I'm sure I will find the blog again!  Until then I will just carry on with my blanket and join in with the others when I can! As soon as I find out where the crochet-along is I will let you know lol!
Well once again its time to go.  Enjoy the sun and have a blessed week!
Bye for now

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Spring into march!

Hello again. sorry for the long absence. it seems the winter bug got the better of us. We all ended up with it. A very nasty virus which still hasn't left to be honest. Ive heard that the cough it leaves you with has been called the 100 day cough by GPs because of the length of time it stays with you. Bloomin thing!
  Well on to better things!
I finally finished a pair of socks that I had been promising my niece.  Bless her they have been on the needles for two years!  I fell foul of the second sock syndrome!  But at last they are finished and delivered to a very grateful (and now cosy footed) teenager.  I'm quite grateful that a teenager would want to wear my makes.  She also has other knitted items that she wears quite often.  It makes my heart happy to know my makes bring other  people joy!

Ive also started work on a owl blanket.  It comes from a free pattern that can be found here.   It has been quite nice to work on something that I haven't really had to think too hard about while Ive been ill.  its worked up quite well but I have found that the ends have started to curl so I think Ive made a mistake somewhere!

Its not made for anyone in particular so theres no time limit so I have time to sort out the problem.  I think that maybe its just not enough increases in the rows.  I love the little eyes peering out!
I crochet once a week with two other ladies and even though they have been crocheting under a year they are going great guns!  There are blankets and throws being created as we speak!  They have picked it up really well!  I will share some of their work with you soon.
Well its time to go.  Please pop by again soon. Have a blessed week!
Bye for now