Friday, 13 March 2015

Happy birthday Mr CM

Hello again.
 This week saw the annual event of Mr CM's birthday. Birthdays are like that they tend to come round once a year! He is 45 (he wont mind me telling you) We had just a little celebration as we are saving it all up for my 40th birthday in a couple of weeks!  Well that's what I'm banking on!

The weather here has been lovely and we have had sun everyday this week.  Its been lovely seeing the warm spring sunshine streaming in through the windows.  We have even been able to have the windows open some days.  So nice to have the fresh air pouring in after the stuffiness of winter!

I have been crocheting flowers. Fresh bright flowers. I used the  daffodil  pattern from Simply Crochet.  Very easy to follow and a complete the success!  I also made some from my 100 flowers to knit and crochet book.  I love this book and I don't think I will ever manage to make one of everything in it!
I intend to make them in to brooches for friends and family.  Maybe a mothers day present?

I have started a new blanket. Joining in with a crochet along.  Only I have a bit of a problem.  I cant remember which blog I'm following along with!  Doh! Typical me!  I know its make a blanket in March and I'm sure I will find the blog again!  Until then I will just carry on with my blanket and join in with the others when I can! As soon as I find out where the crochet-along is I will let you know lol!
Well once again its time to go.  Enjoy the sun and have a blessed week!
Bye for now

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lucy B said...

I really love crochet flowers, I put mine onto hair bobbles for my two little princesses. I have never tried a daffodil though. Are they tricky to make? Lucy x

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