Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas is coming!

So Christmas is nearly soon us. As I look around the shops I see pretty lights, tinsel, adverts and prompts urging us to buy buy buy!  But what happens when you can't?  What happens when you have to choose between heating your home or buying you child a Christmas present?  What happens when Christmas dinner is beans on toast?  There are people in this country facing Christmas like that. People who will be relying on a food bank to get them through the festive period. Spare a thought for them. When uploading the photos of your tree bulging with presents, think about how it feels to be a parent who just hasn't got the money to buy any presents at all. In your prayers remember those who may be spending Christmas alone. Either for the first time or as a regular occurance. Most of all remember Christmas is about love. Spending time with those you love, enjoying being with friends. Even just enjoying the Christmas telly repeats!  I hope whatever you are doing over the Christmas period you will be happy and blessed. 
Bye for now. 

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