Monday, 7 December 2015

Nearly Christmas

Well it's been months since my last post. I've been without a laptop for all that time and have only just realised I can get blogger on my phone!  Doh moment!  

So are you all ready for Christmas?  Here at CM towers we are nearly ready. With the exception of my sister in law, all the presents are bought and wrapped. The meat has been ordered and grocery list written. 

I'm feeling very Christmassy. Yesterday we had a signing choir join us in church. They were amazing and I was pretty much mesmerised by them. They signed a mixture of hymns and Christmas carols. After church we put on the Sunday lunch, pressed play on the cheesy Christmas cd and put up the Christmas tree.  Princess really enjoyed choosing what decoration went where. We have a pretty mismatched tree with decorations from when the boys were small as well as much recent buys. We try to limit ourselves to buying one new decoration a year. (Although I've bought two of the little crocheted Angels from tesco today) Mr CM likes to decorate the windows with lights etc but I'm not so keen. The boys laugh and call me a bah humbug but I don't care!  So our house can now be seen from space with the lights Mr CM has arranged on the Windows. 

Tomorrow we are having a new bed delivered. I'm so pleased we have been waiting for weeks. The bedroom carpet has been shampooed in readiness and the decorating was finished weeks ago so we all we need to do now is wait for the bed. I shall do a review on it when it comes. 

Well I guess that's all for now. I hope you are keeping warm in this dismal weather and look forward to your comments. 
Bye for now X 

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