Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Collection lock and hold lipgloss review

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our blog. Today I have a review of the Collection lock and hold lip gloss review. I purchased four of these. No1 body pop, No2 beat box, No3 rock steady and No4 break dance. 

 Firstly the packaging is nothing glamorous.  Its the bog standard lip gloss packaging.  Theres nothing new or different in this packaging.  I feel like it is marketed towards the younger end of the market, maybe the teenage/early twenties consumers.  This is apparent in the shades available and the price. (£2.99) 

The applicator is small and extremely flexible.  In fact I couldn't see it holding up to continued prolonged use without snapping. Its small enough for precision application and holds the product well.
The formula is surprisingly pleasant with a smell that is not over powering and is easy to apply.  There is no stickiness and dragging over the lips.  Its quite sleek and smooth.  Its not drying to the lips as some lip glosses can be.
As for it lasting "up to six hours" I don't think it stands up to these claims.  I wore it and in under a hour I needed to reapply.  That's not to say it wouldn't last longer on different lips. The fact that it wore so quickly leaves me with the impression that this product is not as substantial as it claims.  Again I think this is suitable for the younger demographic and would fit in quite nicely in a teenagers make up bag.

I hope you found this review helpful and I hope to see you again here soon x

As usual this is my opinion and I have not been sponsored for this post

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